Rocky Road Dream Bars



Rocky Road Dream Bars

Rocky Road Dream Bars is one of the flavors from the new California based brand Dream Bars. It is made with white couverture chocolate mixed with some of the most potent mushroom strains currently in the market. A few of the strains used include the penis envy mushroom, the golden teacher mushroom and a couple more.

Where To Buy Dream Mushroom Bars

Due to the fast growing demand for dream bars, it has led to there been a lot of fakes in the market.  To get not only the best deals but to also avoid getting fake bars in packaging got from China. It is wise that you make your purchase from their official website or a licensed dispensary like ours. We don’t only guarantee quality but also a full refund incase you are dissatisfied. We also have many other mushroom chocolate bars in stock such as the mk chocolate bars, aurora mushroom bars, mr mushies bar and more.


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