ODIN The Master of Ecstasy

“Odin, the Norse god of the Æsir and the king of Asgard. He embodies everything that microdosing can highlight in your life: the profound ecstasy of being alive and the life force that moves us towards self-actualization and our divine potential.
He went to great lengths to gather wisdom, knowledge, and power.
Odin has become this beautiful amalgam of vital force, inspiration and curiosity, qualities we can all cultivate in ourselves to step into the best version of who we can become.” – Microdosing Guru (Excerpt from ODIN journal)
ODIN: Your Microdosing Journal. This Journal has been designed to help those starting their microdosing journey. It aids individuals at finding the best dose for themselves all while providing space to track and record their personal microdosing experiences. The ODIN journal is your safe space that will help guide you on your own personal microdosing journey. You decide, control and customize your experience to fulfill your needs.


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